Dealing with your Doubter; a view from Poetry

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One of the essential elements for achieving your Dreams is to deal with your Doubter.  Confronting your shadow side and allowing the protective wisdom from your Doubter to emerge is crucial.  Your Doubter gives you your list of risks and obstacles that must be dealt with consciously.  If not, what happens is that the Doubter will try to keep you safe at all costs.  Including the cost of your dreams.  If you hear from your Doubter and bring light to your shadow self, the fears, worries, etc, you can examine the risks with your Realist and sort out what needs to be accommodated and what can be released as no longer needed. Hear from your Doubter and honor his sacred function of keeping you safe.  Examine the risks he presents with the voice of your Realist.  From your well considered, realistic view of the risks and obstacles, take action on your Dreams. My friend, Lex, the spoken word artist,  puts it like this in her poem: Rise


Sometimes it’ll feel like life is grabbing you by the wings

Plucking you one by one

And setting you raw upon the earth

You’ll find yourself kicking and screaming

When your feet touch the ground

You’ve made a life searching for silver

Lining the sky with your brain storms

Thinking your freedom is just on the other side

Of you being able to understand

The storms you’ve weathered in life

Don’t make the mistake

Of making your heart just a weathervane

She sustains these veins of Gold

That reside below the skin

The day will come

when you must look within and know that

No precious stone will rise from the ground without excavation

Even cloud 9 has a chance of making of rain

If you find yourself standing under it

And who’s to say from the ground

That it’s not still just a spot on the sun

Perception is a weapon we wield

Carving our names into

Every free space in each other’s minds

Cause we can’t bear to hear

What weather we’ve brought to each other

There’s no guarantee

That when you punch through the clouds

You won’t be burned by the sun

No promise that staying on the ground

Will keep you from falling

There is no assurance that learning to swim

Can keep you from drowning when the waters rise

But what I know for sure

Is that only fear can threaten your Freedom

And sometimes it’s only the fear of losing it

That keeps you from being Free

Clipped wings may have no use for an open sky

But surely every bird still dreams

And you can’t count on not making it

Cause more often than not, you do.

And even when you think you didn’t, you did.

If it’s a vast sky your seeking

A deep vein to mine

Place your hands upon your chest

Listen to the eternal drum that calls you home

Gather there, at the open mouth of this great river

Here may you learn to drown in the safety of your own waters

Practice falling and crashing in the security of your own sky

Study the rising heat of courting your own light

Discover your capacity in the sanctuary of your soul

That nothing in the world may deter you

from rising in the presence of your fears

Gather your prayers in the center of your temple

Court the paradox with curiosity and humility

Enter the silence without the need to be broken

You will find that in time, all of sound will call to you

Seek your silent stillness to restore it’s vibration to the purity of silence

See that the depth of your roots

Can empower you to soar

For every flight must be grounded

And it may seem a cruel paradox to be so free

That imprisonment and bondage would seem to seek you

But recognize that the clarity of your Freedom

Is the antidote of captivity

It is this that makes you safe to seek

So that oppression may be redeemed

Set free the caged dreams and the imprisoned visions

Unfold the wings you’ve clipped from the years of trusting fear

But don’t be surprised when you awaken the heroes within

If they bring with them their villains and victims

Cause when you began running

You empowered them to chase you

Open your heart and welcome them home

So that no part of you will be left to wander

Remember now why life has brought you

Back to solid ground

That you may stand and be your own sky

Provide soil for your own roots

For so long as the desire to fly

Is a desire to escape

You will never be Free to Rise


© lex 2011 * *

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  1. I love Lex’s poetry! Thank you, Jack for the reminder to deal with the doubter.

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