You get what you think about.

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You get what you think about.

The role of intention and empowering beliefs in manifesting what you want.

There is a synergistic effect of stating an intention and following through in day to day situations with your empowering belief.

We start the Dream Coaching® by setting an intention for what we want. In session 6 we look for and embrace a core empowering belief. This core belief is transportable to every situation and reminds us to think and behave in an empowering manner.

Setting an intention all by itself will have no practical means of manifesting what you want unless you take action. If your actions are in alignment with your intentions, all things are possible. Here is the kicker:

your beliefs and thoughts drive your actions.

The reverend at my church put it this way. She said, “You don’t get what you pray for, you get what you think about. If you spend five minutes of your day on an affirmation and 12 hours worrying it won’t happen, guess what? It won’t happen.”
Your emotional energy tends to follow where your thoughts go. Imagine spending 12 hours a day affirming what you want by taking action to get it and only five minutes worrying you won’t.

Your empowering belief is what you use for those 12 hours a day to redirect your thoughts to the positive possibilities in the face of circumstances and doubt. Redirecting your thoughts based on your empowering belief allows you to break negative habits of behavior and drive more productive and healthy behavior.

Here is my empowering belief as an example. I believe that “I stand in my power and Grace.” This allows me to remember I have power in a situation and that with Grace, I can include others in a win-win situation.

How will you spend your day today? What is your empowering belief?



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  1. Hi Jack,
    Absolutely we get what we think about! I totally agree! For example, I was short money this month to pay a bill. I prayed and affirmed and nothing happened because I was worried most of the day. Then I started to empower my belief and believe that God would give me money from somewhere. And I received $170 back pay from my job. More than enough to pay my bill!! Amazing isn’t it? I will tithe $17 because I am grateful. I had to become open-minded about where the money would come from and believe it would come. Then it did! Today I will continue to believe that I will receive goodness, that I will receive clients for my business and that I will continue to be able to pay my bills. Thank you, Jack for your post to your blog. Its a good reminder!

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