A Dream Comes True

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A Dream Comes True

I had the privilege of watching a dream come true 8 days ago. One of my clients, Donald, (who has freely given permission to share this story) achieved one of his dreams at the top of Fremont Peak in California. He made a hike and climb he previously thought was impossible. I saw it with my own eyes, I made the climb with him and another friend, Kerry.

See the story and pictures posted at  Bear Creek Ham’s blog

In Donald’s own words, “I would have never dreamed of hiking to the top of Fremont Peak, much less rock scrambling that high up. It was like being on top of the world. It is awesome to realize a dream, conquer various fears and put paid to a lot of limiting beliefs.”.

How did he and I get there? Precisely as we tell all our clients, we got to our dream one step at a time.

How did Donald get there vis a vis the Dream Coaching process? He set an intention to be able to hike in the local area. He finished some incompletions to make time and space for his new dream. He discovered that hiking and having adventures were in alignment with his purpose. He identified this as one of his new dreams. He and I dealt with some serious limiting beliefs about his abilities and motivation to achieve this dream, marking those doubts as paid in full, done. He developed some new mental and physical habits that included training hikes, stretching, clearing out time in his schedule for his new dreams. He set up serious steps forward with projects and plans. He enlisted a Dream Team in the form of his family for overall support and Kerry and I for hiking buddies/resources for this particular adventure. He loves this new part of his life and plans to continue living as a hiking dreamer.

As a coach, I did not carry Donald up this peak. He got there on his own two feet. What did I do? I was his believing eyes until he could see it for himself. I simply did what Marcia trains us to do, hold a belief for our client that is bigger than the belief they hold for themselves. The possibility of Donald climbing that peak was always there. Donald could not see it as possible until he changed his beliefs.
As my Pastor put it the other day:”Your dreams are waiting for you to come true.”

Are you ready?


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