Living as a Dreamer

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Living as a Dreamer

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of watching a dream come. One of my clients, Donald, (who has freely given permission to share this story) achieved one of his dreams at the top of Fremont Peak in California. He made a hike and climb he previously thought was impossible. I saw it with my own eyes, I made the climb with him and another friend, Kerry.

See the story and pictures posted at Bear Creek Ham’s blog

In Donald’s own words, “I would have never dreamed of hiking to the top of Fremont Peak, much less rock scrambling that high up. It was like being on top of the world. It is awesome to realize a dream, conquer various fears and put paid to a lot of limiting beliefs.”.

How did he and I get there? Precisely as we tell all our clients, we got to our dream one step at a time.

Two weeks later, how is Donald doing living as a Dreamer now that he reached one of his dreams?

He is practicing and expanding his dream of hiking and having inspiring adventures. Yesterday, he enlisted me as one of his Dream Team members and we went hiking with his two children, Joey and Cece, and his daughter’s BFF. We engaged in a hobby called geocaching along the way to help entertain the kids and to give us a sense of adventure and regular rest stops.
In his words,”3.97 miles and 1750 calories later, we had a GREAT afternoon! Jack, Becky, Cece, Joey and I had a blast. We found 7 geocaches, no injuries (other than pre-blisters on Cece’s feet) and Joey was drooping hard before bed time. Any clue how frigging hard it is to walk him into the ground??? We DID IT!”.

Donald continues to live out his purpose and dreams. He takes time to celebrate his successes, sharing them with others. He enrolls others, his children and friends, in his adventures and successes. He is committed , via the hobby of hiking and geocaching, to inspiring adventures, better health, and fitness. He is getting himself free and taking his children with him.

It is simple and effective. He just keeps the momentum and expansion of his dreams, sharing them and celebrating the milestones along the way. It really is the journey, not the destination.

I heard a great name for those of us who know this truth; Fellow Travelers.

Are you living as a Dreamer?


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  1. Congratulations on making it to the top of Freemont Peak!! Yes, I am living as a dreamer. I am a life coach, a dream I didn’t think possible. With your help, I have achieved this dream! You helped me with the steps to actually achieve success. Thank you!

  2. Congratulations one and all! and point well taken about Joey! (and maybe some moleskin for Cece’s feet)

  3. Jack says:

    Thanks Nanette,
    I am so proud of you and your positive steps forward. Living as a dreamer is definitely one of the desired outcomes.

    Warm Regards,

  4. Jack says:

    Thank you Denise.

    We all had a great time and enjoyed the experience.

    Warm Regards,

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