New Year’s Resolutions or Personal Practices?

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New Year’s resolutions or personal practices?

What is the life span of a New Year’s resolution compared to a personal practice? Which would you bet on?

Most New Year’s resolutions are broken or extinguished in a matter of days or weeks. Well developed personal practices¬† can last a lifetime.

Reframing a desired behavior into a positive statement in support of your larger dream is incredibly powerful. I changed my habit of being a bad listener into a personal practice of finding something interesting about everyone I talked to over two and a half years ago. I am still reaping the benefit of that practice and it will enrich my life and the lives of my clients for years to come.

What New Year’s resolution could you turn into a personal practice instead? Do you have a coach to support you in creating and nurturing your new practice? How could a coach help you to benefit from creating new personal practices for 2012?



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  1. Barrads Buzz says:

    I know, the loose weight, exercise more resolutions. The one’s we punish ourselves for not keeping. That in itself is a reason for a coach. Learning not to be hard on myself. What I learned from your post will be my real goal for the year. Not resolution, but a continual of the life process.

  2. I like the idea of personal practices. For years, like so many others, I would make New Year’s resolutions and break them in the first few weeks. Especially when it came to dieting. Now I know that weight loss has to do with lifestyle changes, especially in my mindset. Thanks for the reminder, Jack!

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