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May all your dreams come true.

This is a mirror of my last column for the Dream University community.

It has been a pleasure, an honor, a challenge, a growing edge, a soapbox, a place to hone my voice, and an opportunity for service. I feel blessed and honored to have written for you all.

One of the experiences I treasure the most in working with the Dream Community and Marcia in particular was the spiritual awakening I had at the Masters of Manifestation a year ago. Marcia has always told us that coaches need to have a spiritual practice. I did not get why until my awakening and subsequent development of a practice for myself.

In fact, it is that very spiritual awakening and practice that is calling me to complete my column here and branch out into a more spiritual context. After all, my spiritual awakening was due to my pursuit of dream coaching. Now my coaching exists in the context of my spirituality.

The brilliance of the Dream Coaching process is that it does not require a preexisting spiritual belief system. And yet, it led me back to my true spiritual nature. This was literally the last thing I expected to happen.

I don’t know what your spiritual beliefs or practices are; it is not for me to say. I merely hope your life is enriched and blessed by whatever they may be. May all your dreams come true.

With Gratitude,


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  1. It has been wonderful to read your posts to the Dream U. I am so happy for you that you had a spiritual awakening!! Spirit is in every cell of your body with power and joy!

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