“I Dream of a world where everyone celebrates their lives and dreams flourish.”

– Jack Kellythorne

What is Inspiring Listening?

I believe you have an inspiring story within you now. You may not be fully aware of your inspiring story yet. You may not believe your story is really all that inspiring. My job is to be your believing eyes, to see and recognize your greatness.

Have you ever had a child ask you to “Tell me a story.”? As you told your story, did you watch the child listen with all their might? Was the child seeing your story in their mind’s eye? Did it seem very real to that child? Did you feel fully and deeply heard?

My role as an inspiring listener is to listen deeply to you with that child’s full attention and intensity. You will be deeply and fully heard. I listen for your inspiring emotional content as well as your story line. I use my intuition and coaching wisdom to ask questions that zero in on the themes and messages the story are really about. You have a safe and confidential place to share these jewels. Your story is a gift; to yourself and to inspire others. I sometimes describe what I do as mining for jewels.

Are you ready to explore your inspiring story?